LECIP SENTRY 4B15N3-CB 15,000 Volt Neon Transformer

Non weatherproof, open box item. One of the white glass insulators has a broken corner. See picture inset.

The broken part of the insulator does not seem to effect mounting of cables. You must straighten the mounting brackets before mounting this transformer.

Cat No 4B15N3-CB, Manufactured 03-2007, 60 Hz, 250 W, Primary voltage 120, 3.8 A, Secondary voltage 15000, short circuit current M.A. 30, power factor normal, E188431 T1

L/N: L532021, Outdoor type 2, Lecip Corporation Japan Thailand

Sells for $89 and up when new. This unit was received on a pallet of items, but not in the original box. Classfied as used but may be new.

I am starting the opening very low on this item because it is unknown and untested. Please bid accordingly. Ships flat rate priority which is the least expensive way.